Sign up today for an EPark cell phone account and enjoy these benefits:

  • No more over-paying for parking. If you leave sooner than expected, stop your parking session and you'll only be charged for the time you were actually parked!
  • Have us call or email you when your meter time is about to expire;
  • Access to a record of your parking transactions for the current and three previous months;
  • Receive a 25% discount for on-street parking with a qualifying small vehicle;
  • Unlimited license plates and cell phones can be listed in each account.
  • No administrative or transaction fees.

If you require assistance with the EPark System or help in setting up your cell phone account, please call 311.

Please Note

EPark cell phone accounts are not transferable. Account holders must log into the site where the account was created to view, edit or add funds to an existing cell phone account.


Terms and Conditions

GST# 119326270 RT0001

Welcome to EPark

EPark is a parking program operated and administered by the City of Edmonton to provide citizens and visitors with a modern parking payment service.

EPark allows you to pay for your parking with conveniently located EPark pay machines, or by cell phone with a registered EPark cell phone account, or by visiting its one-time online payment site with any web enabled mobile device.

The mobile services for EPark are powered by the City of Calgary's ParkPlus System.  The City of Edmonton has worked in cooperation with the City of Calgary to deliver the numerous conveniences of ParkPlus from which Calgarian's already benefit.

How to Use EPark

When parking your vehicle, note the parking zone number located on signs lining the street adjacent to where you have parked.

As you leave your vehicle, look for one of the conveniently located EPark pay machines. You can use any pay machine to pay for parking. At the pay machine, you'll be asked to confirm the zone number where you have just parked, your vehicle's license plate information, and how long you wish to remain parked.

You can pay by coin or credit card.

Paying by Cell Phone

To pay by cell phone, click on "Create Account" to get started. Once you set up your EPark account, you have three options to pay for parking with your cell phone:

1. Call (780) 496-7275 and following the voice prompts to start a parking session. Call the same number back to end the session to have your account credited back for the unused time*.

2. Use Text to Park. To start a parking session, text "start" and then the parking zone number you've parked in to 587-400-7275 (587-400-PARK).  For example, if you parked in zone 7000, you would text "start 7000" to 587-400-7275 (587-400-PARK). To end the parking session, text "end" and then the parking zone number. When you stop a parking session via text, you will have your account credited back for the unused time*.

3. Visit on your smart phone and start a parking session. Log into your EPark account and use the Start a Parking session feature. When you stop a parking session, you will have your account credited back for the unused time*.

*Please note, there is a $1.00 minimum purchase for on-street parking when using a cell phone account. The minimum fee in a surface lot or parkade will vary depending on the minimum purchase for the facility. The minimum fee is applied to the cost of your parking and does not constitute an additional charge. For example, if you park on-street for approximately 17 minutes or more on a weekday the $1.00 will be absorbed into the cost of your parking.

Paying at an EPark Pay Machine

1. Confirm the parking zone number.

2. Enter your license plate number.

3. Make payment by either coin or credit card.

4. Press print receipt for optional receipt.